About But First

Why are we called But First

But First… coffee

But First let me…

Our users are awesome and accomplish awesome things but we all know the world is powered by selfies and coffee.

The premise behind the name But First is that before doing anything awesome you have your coffee and you take your selfie, at But First products we want your day to start with the same confidence so that every morning you wake up wanting to achieve awesomeness in your life, but first you must scrub!

But First is an artistic beauty brand. We believe that beauty products need to be beautiful. The inspiration we brought to the packaging ties in with the But First ethos of ambition and accomplishment.

Express yourself in your daily life, be it through work, sport, art, the way you dress, the things you say.

The majority of beauty brands promote a way to look, we promote a way to live.

Live a life of color, of expression, be creative and take risks, But First, scrub.


But First is an HLS Industries product