But First, Benefits

  • Arabica coffee gives you the energy you need to up your performance in the shower and sing the best songs of your life.
  • The mixture of natural ingredients and the inspiration of the colorful packaging allow you to harness your inner Freddie Mercury
  • The fresh burst of minty awesomeness will stimulate and awaken your senses. For the days when you need more brain power to think through life's biggest problems like that time how you mixed up saying hey and hello when you saw your crush and landed up blurting out Halo.
  • The calming Vanilla fragrance allows you to really relax, enjoy your time using up all the hot water and bask in the luxury of shower time.
  • Organic Coconut oil because I've got 99 problems and coconut oil can solve about 86 of them.
  • Vitamin E for clarendon filter like skin.
  • Sea Salt because life is a beach



Arabica Coffee

Coffee is high in antioxidants which help fight premature aging. The caffeine helps tighten the skin and assist in blood flow, these benefits may aid the reduction of cellulite. The antioxidants in the caffeine help minimize the adverse effects of cumulative UV exposure. Coffee Arabica aids in the production of collagen and elastin to protect against the loss of moisture. Collagen and elastin are two proteins that are essential for smoothing wrinkles and preserving the firmness and flexibility of the skin.



Vanilla has both a soothing effect for ones mind and ones body, the scent is wonderfully comforting and relaxing while the oil helps soothe and calm irritated skin. Vanilla contains antioxidants that have anti-aging benefits and promote healthy skin.  Research has also shown that Vanilla fragrance has aphrodisiacal effects.



Mint is a natural energizer that awakens and refreshes the body. The mint produces a cooling sensation that can relieve sore and tired muscles. Mint offers antimicrobial properties while leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is natural antioxidant that helps promote cell repair. Vitamin E helps aid the body’s defense against free radicals and other environmental damage.


Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer, its naturally antibacterial and antifungal and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and well nourished.


Coarse sea salt

Coarse salt acts as a deep pore cleanser and exfoliator. Sea Salt contains a high number of trace minerals that help detoxify the skin.